Your Input Is Priceless

We may have been electroplating in Toronto since 1958 but we just learned how to build websites in 2017. We are always trying to improve on both. If there is something about this page you don’t like, please let us know.

Is the font too small? Are the colours not working? Are you searching for information that you can’t find? Does the site load too slowly? Does it not work well on your mobile device? Are we speaking to you too casually right now? These are user experience issues that we need to get right if we are going to be electroplating in Toronto in 2058.

We want to be partners in your projects, partners in your supply chain, partners in your operations and partners in your marketing efforts. Our success depends on your success. If you would like to see higher rankings for your website in Google search results, we can help. We understand the basics of search engine optimization, and digital collaboration between partners plays a huge role.

Are you interested in learning how to use WordPress? Do you need help modernizing your website? Do you want to create a Facebook business page or a LinkedIn Showcase? We can help you, so don’t be afraid to reach out. Manufacturing is hard work but it gets easier when we support each other. Get in touch. We can help each other.

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