Small Metal Plating Batches & Order Sizes

In Toronto, H&E Plating is known for high output metal finishing capacity and quick turnaround times of electroplated components. We also efficiently process small lot sizes and personal projects shipped to us from across Ontario and as far away as Newfoundland and Alberta. These unique plating orders are a change of pace from our typical voluminous production and we are proud partners in your projects and prototypes.

The orders may be small but they are no less important. We understand the value of your rare parts and how expensive it is to manufacture small quantities of custom components. You can’t afford to have your parts damaged or lost and neither can we.

Small Plating Barrels and Wire Rack Electroplating

No matter the line of work, the right tools for the job are essential in achieving the highest level of quality in the shortest amount of time. At H&E Plating we lean heavily on our deep line-up of custom, electroplating barrels and racks to process the dynamic quantities we receive without delay or compromise.

What is Barrel Plating Vs Rack Plating? You can learn more here:

learn more about the rack metal plating process

learn about barrel metal plating in Toronto Ontario

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