What is Electroplating?


Electroplating is an electrical/chemical process where a base metal, typically steel, aluminum, or copper is coated with a surface metal in order to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the component. It can also add cosmetic value, enhance electrical conductivity and/or be a pre-treatment before the part is painted for added adhesion. Industries we serve range from telecom to mining, railroad to hydro – if its made of metal, we might have had a part in it. This business model is 99.99% B2B. How are we going to apply this to social media? We aren’t.

The .001%

B2C restoration sales have always been a tiny but profitable part of this business. These customers show up at the side door of plating shops with buckets of rusty, old parts of whatever they are working on. Cars, motorcycles, vintage tractors, lawnmowers, random architectural pieces. Sometimes they are Industrial Design students. The problem they encounter is that they require special attention/customer service and since they don’t fit the business model they don’t typically receive it.















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