DIY Plating Kits

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Searching for DIY (Do It Yourself) Zinc Plating Kits? Chances are you’re working on a restoration and typing with greasy fingers – what a surprise, we are too!

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We can’t help with DIY electroplating. When we plate metal, we do it in a full-scale electroplating facility. However, we appreciate your ambition and admire the effort our clients put into their metal projects. We would love to see your results with DIY home plating kits. We might even want to feature them on our page. Sometimes DIY projects are the best option and it feels great when you are successful.

Home Plating Kit DIY Electroplating Concerns

We see many home plating kits advertised on the web. Please keep in mind that chemicals needed to electroplate are often restricted. What you might end up with is a plating kit that has everything you need to complete your desired plating process except the restricted chemical. Do your research before you buy. If you have any questions or concerns about what you are searching for, or before completing a transaction, contact us. We will try to help.

Professional Electroplating In Toronto

If you reach a point in your metal restoration, or custom project, requiring professional metal finishing, we would love to be at your electroplating service and we hope the info on this website will assist you in finding the metal plating company that can best serve you. In the meantime, when you try zinc plating rusty bolts, please remember to wear gloves, work in a well ventilated area and adhere to lawful disposal of chemical agents.