Cadmium Plating Service Toronto

Common Toronto cadmium Plating specifications

QQP 416

Bright silvery white in Scarborough . Supplementary Toronto treatments for TYPE II can be golden, iridescent, amber, black, olive drab. Corrosion resistance Plating service is very good, especially with TYPE II finish. TYPE II shall show no surface corrosion products after 96 hours (20%) salt spray exposure. Parts with hardness greater than RC-40 shall be stress- relieved before cleaning and plating. Electroplated Parts in Toronto subject to flexure (springs) over RC-40 hardness shall be given a 375F post-bake. Excellent for plating stainless steels that are to be used in kconjunction with aluminum to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Cadmium Plating in Toronto Type 1: no additional chromate treatment

Cadmium electroplating Toronto Type 2: bright/clear chromate additional corrosion protection in Scarborough

Toronto cadmium Plating service Type 3: yellow/gold cadmium Plating chromate in Toronto

Class 1: .0005 minimum Plating shop in Toronto thickness

Class 2: .0003 minimum Toronto metal Plating service thickness

Class 3: .0002 Scarborough  electroplater thickness

Example of Nuts and bolts cadmium plated in plating shops of Toronto:img_5858


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