Toronto Plating Shop

Metal Plating Services Toronto

Cadmium Plating, Tin Plating, Zinc Plating in Toronto Since 1958.

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51 Comstock Road, Unit 3, M1L 2G6

Plating Services In Toronto:

  1. Zinc Plating
  2. Bright,Clear Zinc Plating
  3. Yellow,Gold Zinc Plating
  4. Black Zinc Plating
  5. ROHS Compliant Trivalent Chromate Zinc Plating
  6. Rack Zinc Plating
  7. Barrel Zinc Plating
  8. Micro Barrel Zinc Plating
  9. Zinc Plating Stress Relief/Hydrogen Embrittlement
  10. Bright Tin Plating
  11. Dull Tin Plating
  12. Barrel Tin Plating
  13. Micro Barrel Tin Plating
  14. Rack Tin Plating
  15. Copper Bright Dip
  16. Brass Bright Dip
  17. Stainless Steel Passivate
  18. Degreasing
  19. Pickling
  20. Rack Cadmium Plating
  21. Barrel Cadmium Plating
  22. Micro barrel Cadmium Plating
  23. Clear,Satin Cadmium Plating
  24. Yellow,Gold Cadmium Plating
  25. Cadmium Plating Stress Relief,Hydrogen Embrittlement
  26. Aluminum Chemical Conversion ROHS Compliant
  27. Aluminum Alodine

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